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Laminated veneer lumber, also known as LVL, is a type of board made from raw wood by rotary cutting or planing, followed by drying, gluing, and laminating along the grain or most of the grain, followed by hot pressing and bonding. It has structural characteristics that solid wood sawn timber does not have: high strength, toughness, good stability, and precise specifications, which are three times higher in strength and toughness than solid wood sawn timber. This product has the advantages of high environmental protection, waterproofing, anti-corrosion, insect resistance, and no fumigation.

LVL products are mainly used for building formwork components, building beams, carriage panels, furniture, flooring

In the fields of room decoration wood keel and packaging materials, the product length can reach 6300MM and can be sawn, planed, gouged, tenoned, nailed, etc.